Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand RSV-041
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Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand RSV-041

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Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand


Relaxation and sensuality now will take a new turn with the Powerful TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand. With mind-blowing features, easy controls and compatible body, this new-age device will energize your spirits and keep your depression at bay.

What’s best about this realistic vibrator is that it comes with a sleek handle, making it easier to hold and use. The design is also quite innovative and deserves to make an addition to one’s list of female gadgets. Not to forget is its 2-speed switch that lets you adjust according to your need.



·         Premium quality silicone

·         Strong motor

·         Dual speed switch

·         Sleek handle

·         Power cord

·         Easy to operate


How beneficial is the TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand?

The TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand has a huge benefit of providing a promising massage overloaded with sensuality. As its head comes in the form of a sphere, it is here that the sensations generate to leave the genitals excited. All that this gadget does is that it excites the female genitals for a fiery intimate session.


Is it complicated to use the TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand?

When it comes to using a gadget for the first time, it is safety and user-friendliness that matters. TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand qualifies for both these aspects. Where it comes with easy controls to operate, it is quite safe to place on the genitals and use. Moreover, the 2-speed switch does a fantastic job by letting the user choose between speeds as and when required.


Why girls would love using the Hitachi Magic Wand?

Women will love considering the TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand for clitoral stimulation. In the course of enjoying this erotic act, they will not have any pain or other complications. Rather, the sleek handle of the device will let them have the most soothing solo sessions.


Where the TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand stands out?

In terms of technology and popularity, the TLC Hand Held Hitachi Magic Wand stands out for sure. It is one of the most advanced vibrators that would give women confidence and bliss at the same time. Just plug and play to make your nights more thrilling.




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