Buy Silicone Penis Sleeves in India at an affordable price

Penis Extender Sleeve

Silicone penis sleeves in India are sex toy that helps in delaying the ejaculation period. It is a small band-like structure worn around the penis. The good quality silicone gives it a soft touch. The ABS content in the sleeve makes it elastic. Buy good-quality silicone penis sleeves from our online store within your budget.

A washable silicone condom for male is compact and easy to wear. The sleeve has a ribbed surface. The textured body gives a sensational fling. The length and girth of the penis increase after wearing this toy. There is a vibrator set inside the sleeve. The vibrator provides prostate massage and g-spot stimulation.

The popularity of silicone penis sleeves in India

Silicone penis sleeves in India is popular among men. Other than penile dysfunctions, it helps enhance sexual intercourse. The textured surface tickles the vaginal cavity. The vibration of the sleeve causes extreme pleasure at the g-spot. The sleeve is splash-proof and portable.