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Toy Cleaner

What is a Toy Cleaner?

The purpose of using a toy cleaner is to wipe off all contaminants from a sex toy. These cleaners are made with strong yet harmless ingredients that would remove all germs and safeguard the human genitals from falling prey to any disease. Also, a toy cleaner does not leave behind any stain or spot on the object to be cleaned. Find the best toy cleaners now while shopping for online sex toys in Hansi.


Why should I clean my Sex Toy with a Toy Cleaner?

Every object that comes in contact with the human genitals should be cleaned well before use. In this respect, the toy cleaner is a must. It cleans very effectively all possible bacteria and makes the toy completely safe for use. Unclean sex toys should never be used as these have high chances to cause bacterial infection.

Even before the performance, a sex toy should be cleaned with a toy cleaner. One should keep in mind that one’s internal organs are quite sensitive and this is what makes a toy cleaner necessary for use.


Who can Use a Toy Cleaner?

A toy cleaner is a unisex product. This means it can be used by both men and women. He/she can use on any product or accessory before and after the performance.

Toy cleaners are always safe for the male and female genitals. So, there is no harm whether a boy or a girl uses it.


Our Exclusive Toy Cleaners

Shakepleasure brings some its exclusive toy cleaners for you. Have a look:


Universal Toy Cleaner

Universal Toy Cleaner is specialized to be used on toys of different materials. It eliminates all possible toxins from an erotic object.

The application is also quite easy. One just needs to spray it on the exact area of stimulation.


Adult Toy Cleaner

The Adult Toy Cleaner is another safe and effective product. It would remove all toxins and make the toy ready for use.

The application process is hassle-free and one will find it easier to clean. You will find the Adult Toy Cleaner packed in a 100ml container.